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Resistance Bands

Resistance bands: you just can’t go without them!

Resistance bands are traditionally thought to be a wonderful training aid for those who need to gain additional strength or regain their physical abilities after an injury or a break in sports activities. Yogis are not an exception. Some of the existing asanas require you to have a considerable strength, which is why you will most likely have to devote some time to a specific strength-building routine. And that’s exactly the reason to grab some resistance bands! Why resistance bands? People who use resistance bands on a weekly or even daily basis admit that the reason for them to go with these props is their light weight and flexibility in use. Indeed, there exists a large variety of resistance bands types, which is why you can use them for any type of workout. For example, so-called loop resistance bands that actually have a shape of a continuous loop, are most commonly used by those who aim their strength training on the lower body. On the contrary, 8-type resistance bands that have a shape of an eight, are generally sought for exercises that strengthen upper body. At the same time, resistance bands with holders (i.e. bands that have handles attached to their ends) are perfect for training routines aimed on both upper and lower body. You can also find a good use for them if you need to work on your arms and legs. You can find all of these resistance bands types in our store – we did our best to source the bands from top manufacturers guaranteeing its durability and usability. Resistance bands give you a great deal of freedom in your trainings – small and light, they can safely be put in your backpack. It is a wonderful solution for travelers who want to keep fit during their adventurous journeys!

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